About Interactive Television

Television is and has been an important part of our lives for decades now. Over the last past few decades, cable TV became a must to every home. If you have doubts about it, try telling your kids otherwise and see their response. You are already used to having hundreds of TV Channels. Only a couple of decades ago that would have seemed just like science fiction, just like a dream. But in the meantime, analogical television was replaced by digital television and as a consequence, cable TV is now able to offer the subscribers a new era of speed and high quality. But that doesn’t seem to be enough.

Are you puzzled as to what interactive television refers to? Here are some details.

Interactive television seems to be the latest trend and people are not only loving it they are growing dependent on it, which is only natural since interactive television seems to be pretty amazing.

An MPH is a multimedia home platform, a middle-ware system, really that allows people to use interactive Java applications on their television sets. There are several types of activities that involve interaction: games, information, various services, email and so on and so forth.

For instance you could select the news you want to watch or read about, you can definitely pick a game and the level of the game you want to play and you can even choose what services you want delivered to you.

Interactive television makes communication between provider and consumer easier and far more efficient.

There are two types of MPH- multimedia home platforms- the well known DVB-HTML applications and the highly popular DVB-J applications, marketed as Xlets. The Xlet interface permits external sources to start an application and to end it as well. This is very practical and moreover, it is crucial to interactive television.